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Head's Council on Alumnae Engagement

The Head’s Council on Alumnae Engagement (HCAE) was established in June 2017 as a leadership team to support 十大彩票平台’s Head of School and set broad direction for transitioning the Buffalo Seminary Alumnae Association (BSAA) to a new organizational model with national and international focus.

Vision Statement 

Building on the friendships and shared experiences of the unique all-girls education that 十大彩票平台 provides, the vision of the HCAE is to strengthen connections between the school and her alumnae, and to cultivate contacts and community among alumnae living “Far from thy sheltering arms.” The ties that unite us are not limited by time or place.

Mission Statement

Led by team of alumnae representing a broad range of classes and geographic regions, the mission of the HCAE is to maintain our connection to one another and the school for personal and professional fulfillment, and to advance the mission and reputation of 十大彩票平台. We are committed to fostering and maintaining the sense of community and support that we cherish from our time at 十大彩票平台.

In support of this mission, the HCAE undertakes to:

·       Communicate to all alumnae 十大彩票平台’s desire to engage with alumnae beyond her traditional WNY base and announce opportunities to connect with the school and with other alumnae for socializing, networking, and learning about current goings-on at 十大彩票平台

·       Establish new chapters of the BSAA in cities and regions beyond WNY by organizing social or educational gatherings to bring alumnae together, and identifying and encouraging local alumnae leaders to further develop connections and community in their area

·       Serve as a resource and catalyst for individual alumnae to build personal and professional connections and conversations with alumnae in their community or in areas of career or personal interest

·       At the request of the Head of School, provide advice and perspective on matters affecting 十大彩票平台’s mission, vision, values, and traditions


The goal of increased engagement is to provide alumnae opportunities for social activity, continuing education, and to provide networking opportunities that can enhance the development of their personal and professional lives

Continued and meaningful connection with the school will enhance 十大彩票平台’s reputation, strengthen enrollment recruitment, and increase community and/or philanthropic support from across the globe.

As approved by 十大彩票平台’s Board of Trustees:

  • The HCAE will be comprised of 十大彩票平台 alumnae representing many geographical areas.
  • The Head’s Council is to be a 12-14 person working team, including the 十大彩票平台 Alumna Trustee, at least one liaison from each Chapter, and at-large members both from Western NY and beyond.

Come See Us on the Road!

We always welcome the opportunity to connect with alumnae and friends!

Please inquire to organize an event in your city!

NYC alumnae networking event October 23, 2018

Front Row: Sarah Obletz '14, Julianna Jordan '05 (Alumnae Coordinator), Suzanne "Annie" Murray '72

Middle Row: Emily O'Leary '05, Arianna Hughes '13, Curreen Luongo '13, Olivia M. Knauss '11

Back Row: Helen Marlette (Head of School),  Taylor Levin ‘13,  Lauren Belfer '71, Christine S. Baco '04,  Jenny O'Leary '08, Elizabeth Marlette '13, Molly Mathias '13, Grace von Simson '13, Bleu Ruby Daniels-Taylor '17, Riley Featherston '11, Amity Mann (Director of Development), Margaret Brown '72

 "The NYC Alumnae event was a great way for me to connect with old 十大彩票平台 friends that I haven't seen in years! It was so fun to catch up and learn about everyone's lives in the city as well as hear about what's happening at 十大彩票平台! I look forward to more events in the future and adding to the group as more 十大彩票平台 girls move to the city!"

- Sarah Obletz '14




picture of side of building BFA 1851, BS 1889

2023-24 HCAE Members

Heather Rumsey Gibson '91
BSAA Representative
Buffalo, New York

Jane Gold '15
New York, New York

Karolynn Jones Harris '98
Atlanta, Georgia

Maureen Hays-Mitchell '74
Alumnae Trustee Representative
Syracuse, New York

Patrice Cathey '72
Amherst,  New York

Victoria Dann '09
Los Angeles, California

Eliza Kaye '12
Chicago, Illinois

Jamila Lee '06
Buffalo, New York

Ana Jasen McClendon '00
Sarasota, Florida

Lisa Niswander Peterson '03
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jiaan Shi '17
New York, New York

Special Members

Leah Kimmet
Director of Development

Helen Marlette
Head of School

Karen Moden '83
Alumnae Relations Coordinator